"What's for Dinner" made easy

Keep track of what's in your fridge, automatically get meal suggestions, and poll your crew to decide what's for dinner, school lunch or midnight snacks

Everything you need to decide your next meal.

For couples to kitchens and everything inbetween

Tell us what you have on hand

Fork Forecast is free, here is planned future pricing, we'd love feedback!


The essentials for getting started


  • 50 ingredients
  • Up to 25 recipies
  • Basic polling features
  • Basic support
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Make your crew happy


  • 100 ingredients
  • Up to 50 recipies
  • Advanced polling features
  • Priority email support
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Hungry Hippo

It's like an all you can eat buffet for your polls


  • Unlimited ingredients
  • Unlimited recipies
  • Advanced polling features
  • Advanced analytics
  • All day email, text, & Discord support
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